Welke toekomst voor Libanon?

The country of the Cedars has been accumulating crises for nearly 50 years. After fifteen years of civil war, Lebanese alternate between hope and chaos, rebirth and collapse. Political crisis, economic crisis, social crisis, how are the Lebanese coping with the trials of domestic policy (a broken system, corruption of the elites) and foreign policy (neighbouring wars, jhadist terrorism, destabilization)? Lees meer

Political scientist Myriam Benraad, specialist in the contemporary Arab world, will discuss the subject during a conversation with Gaïdz Minassian.

Myriam Benraad is a political scientist specializing in the Middle East. She is an associate professor in international relations at the ILERI – School of International Relations (Paris) and the author of, among other publications, Géopolitique de la colère. De la globalisation heureuse au grand courroux (Paris, Le Cavalier Bleu, 2020), Jihad : des origines religieuses à l’idéologie. Idées reçues sur une notion controversée (Paris, Le Cavalier Bleu, 2018), and L’État islamique pris aux mots (Paris, Armand Colin, 2017).

Gaïdz Minassian is a journalist at Le Monde and lecturer at Sciences Po, Paris.

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